Rise Course


Instructor-Led Training

Tools: Articulate Rise 360, Canva, Photoshop, 7taps, PowerPoint

Title: The Legal Entry Rights of Helping Animals

Time in Development: Two Weeks

Client: County Government (Fictitious for professional development)

My Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Content Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

Context: As the popularity of bringing animals into public spaces rises, customer service representatives and managers must be aware of the legal entry rights of helping animals.

Challenge: Many public county workers and managers are unaware of the four types of helping dogs and their legal entry rights in public spaces. With a variety of entities within the county, the training department wanted to offer multiple options managers could choose from to educate their staff.

Learning Solution: I designed and developed four learning solutions that could easily be shared with managers from all of the county entities. Managers could choose which would best suit their staff.

Result: Customer Service Representatives and Managers who successfully complete this course are better prepared to handle questionable situations where an animal is brought into a public space.

Explore learning solutions and storyboard: eLearning Rise Course, Instructor-Led Training, Micro Mobile eLearning, Job Aid front and back, and Storyboard.

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