Over 60 clients have trusted me to manage their book projects.
Along with designing book covers and interior files, I also provided editing and publishing services.

G.L. Lamborn, Author of To Blind the Eyes of Our Enemies: Washington's Grand Deception

"Working with Ms. Rachael Hartman on To Blind the Eyes of Our Enemies was not merely productive, but highly enjoyable. I had been at loose ends for several years about what to do with my well-researched manuscript concerning several key factors of the American Revolution missed by many historians. After Ms. Hartman gave a presentation to a veterans’ group of which I am a member, I contacted Rachael to show her the manuscript. Working together for a few months in 2018, Ms. Hartman and I came up with a charming design for the pages and an outstanding cover image featuring George Washington in an equestrian pose. The result is the book on the left which gives the reader insights into how the last year of the American Revolution was really fought and won."

Juliet Van Heerden, Author of Same Dress, Different Day

"Cover design is key to creating a book that sells. Rachael is able to take an author’s vision and make it happen. She is creative and innovative, yet willing to listen to what the author wants. Rachael took my ideas and turned them into a professional, beautiful product."